Lake Skadar is the biggest lake of Montenegro and the Balkan peninsula, it covers the area of almost 400 square kilometeres (two thirds belong to Montenegro and one third to Albania).

The average depth of the lake is from 4 to 6 meteres, the water level changes throughout the year. Lake Skadar is as interesting in the geographical aspect as in the historical and cultural – numerous medieval monasteries, churches, fortresses (Lesendro, Grmozur), old capital (Zabljak 15th century, the capital of formal Zeta), the place where the first liturgy book was printed (Octoechos), a prison, abandoned fisherman villages, settlements where time stands still, birds (100 species which can be seen only here), rich flora and fauna, numerous species of fish and many national restaurants.

Betty:”This is the ideal place to run to from real life. Here you can fully experience different adventures. You will meet incredible people here and there are a lot of wine cellar with first-class wine”

The lake can be approached from several directions. From Podgorica, the old road from Petrovac and Bar, or through a tunnel of Sozina (Sutomore). Some roads are faster and other provide a phenomenal, panoramic views of the coast and Skadar Lake.

Skadar Lake, Montenegro, foto: Diego Delso,, License CC-BY-SAWikimedia

Taking a boat ride is a wonderful tour along the wild beauties of the lake – a great possibility to enjoy the views of its swampy waters covered with bog and water-lilies, numerous small islands and historical monuments. Swimming on the wild beaches of the lake is included into the excursion programme. Those of you who are aspecially brave and avanturistic can ride the traditional wooden canoes.

Marko:”This place is made for watching birds and enjoying the peaceful nature around you. On the first glance this is just another swampy lake, but than all its true beauties open before you. Numerous birds which are not shy of the camera at all!”

If you are a fan of sport fishing you can try your luck in fishing for carp, eel and bleak. After taking pictures with the fish you have caught its better to let it go back to the lake. You can try traditionaly made carp and bleak in one of the many restaurants.

Ukljeva, foto: Snezana VejnovicTalas Montenegro

Along with the delicious fish you will get the chance to taste the famous local wine, popular in this region. Crmnica is a kind of vranac and kratosija vine. Wine and rakia were produced in this region for centuries, it has a typical strong aroma and is believed to have healing qualities. The meal will be enrichened with local goat cheese, olives and olive oil.

On the very shore of the lake you will see the small but beautiful town of Rijeka Crnojevica.

There are remains of the historical buildings from the period of Ivan Crnojevic (Zeta ruler). Here you can see the underground rooms where the famous typography was based, with the first book on Cyrillic alphabet was printed (Octoechos) in 1494.

The first pharmacy and weapon factory were also opened here and in the beggining of the 20th century the first pearl jewellery was made on the Marica factory.

Valeria:”Majestic place right in the heart of the mountains. Delicious fish with reasonable prices”

Old bridge, Rijeka Crnojevića, Montenegro, foto: Javier Sánchez Portero, Wikimedia

At the entrance to the town you will see the small stone Danilov bridge. It was built by prince Danilo in 1853 in the memory of his father Stanko Petrovic. Near to the bridge on the left bank of the river the prince built a one story house Mostina which has remained till the present days. The bridge connected the town and part of the old merchant way Rijeka Crnojevica – Virpazar. King Nikola I Petrovic built a winter palace Leskovac and a big bridge that connected Rijeka with Virpazar. This bridge is 120 m long and is called the New bridge.

The oldest remained historical monument in Rijeka Crnojevica is the house of St Peter.

To fulfill the impression from this lovely place we recommend you to try the numerous fish specialities ( dried bleak is well-known all over the world due to its original taste and is very popular among the italiens), also find time to take long walks and hire a boat for a ride on the lake.

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