Our agency will organize an unforgettable sopping tour in Mepas mall – the biggest mall in Mostar.

Mostar is a city which is the cultural and economical center of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It got its name after the guards of the bridges (so called “mostari”) across the Neretva river. The city is well known due to the Old Bridge which was built in the 16th century and symbolizes the connection between the West and Oriental cultures.

The bridge was completely destroyed on November 9, 1993 by the HVO (Croatian Defence Council) and than it was reconstructed after the war ending in 2004. The Old Bridge is the first historical monument in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is on the list of UNESCO Worlds Cultural Heritage.

Old Bridge, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Foto: Pixabay/artfotodesign

We travel to Mostar in our modern, comfortable, air-conditioned cars along the Adriatic coast and than to the town of Trebinje after the border. We can make a short stop in Trebinje and than continue our trip to Mostar through the cities of Stolac and Ljubine. If you are willing to see the historical and cultural monuments of Mostar, we will organize an excursion around the Old Town in the company of a local guide.

All the buildings in the Old Town have remained their authentic appearance and you will feel like you have travelled through time and fully plunge into the Oriental atmosphere.

Jan: “We have had an amazing adventure travelling to Mostar. The traditions and history. Mostar is a place that will remain in our memory forever!”

Panorama, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, foto: Ramirez HUN, Wikimedia

The Koski Mehmed Pasa mosque built in 1617 is the only mosque which has remained its original ornaments and the color of the walls. You will also have the opportunity to visit the traditional Turkish home, where you will get acquainted with the life and traditions of the Muslims living in Mostar. The buildings from the Austrian-Hungarian time complete the rich architecture of the city. This mix of different cultures gives Mostar its incredible charm. In spite of the vivid history of the region, Mostar works on keeping piece between all the nationalities inhabiting it. Due to the numerous Muslim, Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish temples Mostar is the only multinational city in this area.

Waitress, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, foto: Adam Jones, Wikipedia

After visiting the Old Town we recommend you to visit one of the national restaurants and try the traditional cuisine. One of the most popular national dishes in Bosnia and Herzegovina ( as well as in other formal Yugoslavian countries) is called “cevapi” – spicy minced mutton. “Cevapi” came to the Balkan Peninsula during the Turkish ruling and became one of the main dishes. Restaurants which are specialized in making “cevapi” are called “cevapdzinica”.

Heather: “Kind and polite staff, quick service and nice prices. And the food…I would recommend you the food even for breakfast”.

“Cevapi” are usually served on a plate or in a flatbread in the quantity of 5-10 pieces along with sliced onion, sour cream or kaymak, ajvar, feta cheese, ground red pepper.

Ćevapi, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, foto: Haydn BlackeyWikipedia

The other national dishes which you should try while you are in Mostar are “burek” and the incomparable “sarma”. “Sarma” – is minced meat mixed with rice, wrapped into leaves of sour cabbage. This dish is traditionally prepared in the winter time and for big religious celebrations ( such as Bayram and Christmas). At the end of your meal please try the traditional Turkish pastry.

Since 2012 Mostar is known for the beautiful shopping mall covering a territory of 100 000 sq km (7 floors). According to the opinion of the local people and tourists who have visited it, it is an absolutely new experience.

Ivan: “Last month me and my friends visited Mostar and we went for a snack in McDonalds first.”

In Mepas mall you can find over 80 shops, cafes, restaurants and many other locations that beforehand have been available only in megalopolises. You can choose something from the collections of Berska, Stadivarius, Zara, Pull&Bear, New Yorker, Terranova, S’Oliver, Levi’s and many others.

You might feel a little dizzy from the wide choice in Mepas mall, but one thing we can guarantee – you will be completely satisfied with the trip to Mostar with us!

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