The National park of Durmitor is the most famous national park in Montenegro. The park is a part of UNESCO World Heritage since 1980. The park includes the Durmitor mountain range, canyons of Tara, Drage and Susice rivers and the biggest part of the valley of canyons Konarnice. Tara is the spring of a big European river called Drina, with a length of 150 km and is the longest river in Montenegro. The mountain range includes 48 peaks with an altitude more than 2000 m above sea level while the highest one is 2525 m high and is called the Bobotov peak.

Hans:”You will be amazed by the incredible views of the Tara canyon if you decide to get to Bobotov peak by car. Fascinating beauty! The river is quite calm and shallow in autumn, but the colors of the trees enrich the beauty of the canyon.”

Durmitor beholds the variaty of cultural and historical heritage of the local people. Here you will find roman and greek tombstones, christian churches and monasteries, wooden houses, sheperd huts and mills along the bank of the river.

The biggest city in Durmitor is Zabljak. It is located on the north-west of Montenegro, in the very heart of the national park at the altitude of 1456 m above sea level. Zabljak is the greatest mountain settlement on the Balkan peninsula. There are many tourists in the city all year round. Zabljak is the well-known centar of winter tourism, it is visited by many winter sports admirers. However even in summer it is visited by those who love hiking, alpinists, cyclists and everyone fond of outdoor activities.

Zabljak, Montenegro, foto: Mercy from Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia

The trip to Zabljak from the coast takes appx 3 hours. Enjoy the ride in our modern air-conditioned cars. To make the trip even more pleasent we advise you to stop and see some other Montenegrian beauties along the way (lake Skadar, Boka bay).

The particular charm of Durmitor is translated through folklore – local legends, stories, jokes, sayings, poetry and partisan songs – inspired by the great personalities and the unforgettable beauties of the region.

Crno jezero, Žabljak, Crna Gora, Foto: Foto Radević

There are 18 glacier lakes on Durmitor, the so-called “Mountain eyes”. They are situated in the dimples from where the glaciers started and got their name due to their beauty and clear water. Depending on the temperatures all the lakes are covered with snow and ice from november to may.

Ante: “We visisted Durmitor in December and as we expected we got to see lots of snow. We had really good luck with the weather – it was very sunny – we got a chance to explore the Tara canyon and have lovely walks with our dogs.”

Tara is one of the most beautiful rivers in Montenegro, it flows surrounded by unbelievable nature and mountain peaks of Bjelasice, Sinjavine, Ljubisne and Durmitor. The canyon of Tara has the altitude of 1600 m and is the highest and biggest in Europe (the highest world canyon is in Colorado, USA). The canyon is a worlds ecological basin due to the diversity of flora and fauna (more than 1500 species of plants and 130 species of birds), with numerous endemic, medical and relic plants.

The most famous attraction of the national park is Tara rafting. The rafting distance covers 90% of the river, however the best time for it is from the 1st of July till the 15th of September, when the river is calm and shallow and allows tourists to experience such an adventure. Those who have seen the river describe it as “clear as a tear”. That is the reason why Tara is called “Tear of Europe”.

You can also try yourself in fishing trout in a traditional way. With a special permission you will be able to take three of the caught fish with you. You can also take the fish to one of the local restaurants where it will be prepared in a traditional way. The buildings of Durmitor resemble the old Montenegrian houses made of stone and wood. Upon entering a house you will be treated with home-made rakia, donuts and honey. The hospitable local people will serve you traditional alcoholic drinks along with snacks and you will feel the incredible atmosphere of Durmitor.

Sac, foto: Snezana VejnovicTalas Montenegro

Dont allow all this beauty to stay on the monitor! Words don’t mean anything until you feel the fresh cool water of Tara, hear the noise of its flow, see all the beauty of the canyon and try the local food. Once you try a small part of that you will fall in love with Durmitor forever!

Ana:”Incredible landscape! It is a must-see atlease once in a lifetime!”

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